Freehand Fabric Flower

It is great to know how to make some simple embellishments. Having quick and easy embellishments in your sewing arsenal gives you so many more options when creating projects. For example, these freehand fabric flowers would look great on a headband, a bag, a shirt… really, just about anywhere! These flowers are simple to make with a few scraps of fabric, a button, and some thread… check out exactly how it is done, and make your own!

fabric flower by the stitching scientist

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  1. Pauline Luna says

    I had to pin this. I love making fabric flowers and have not made one like this. I’m starting to save all my small pieces of fabric. Even if I don’t have eight pieces of one fabric, I would like to see how mixing different fabrics look together. I think it might look like a variegated rose. My imagination is going wild now!

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