Quick Sewing: Origami Bag

I’m a bag junkie. I carry all kinds of bags, and in those bags I often have other bags – small draw-string bags, zippered bags, pouches… bags are just so handy for sorting, organizing, and carrying all of the day’s essentials. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for new bag tutorials – especially quick bag tutorials. What I really love about this Origami Bag Tutorial is that the bag has a fun decorative element, with the lining fabric also showing up on the outside of the bag! How cute is that!? That makes this bag great to give as a gift – just wrap a small gift up in this bag, and you’ve both wrapped and doubled the gift! AND – when the recipient asks if you made the bag, you get to say, “Of Course!” … and you don’t have to tell them how quick and easy it was to make! They’ll never know…

origami bag at crafty mummy

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