Mason Jar Candy Display for Parties

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of, or been to an event where there is a fancy candy display. Beautiful treats displayed in apothecary jars of various sizes and shapes, giving an inviting and charming look to the display.

mason jar candy bar

I wanted to make a candy bar like this for a party I was having, but didn’t want to collect all the apothecary jars needed to make a fancy display. So, I turned to another trend that has been popular in all kinds of crafts – mason jars. I bought three different sizes of mason jars, and a couple dozen different kinds of candy. I bought my candy at a store where candy is sold in large bins, so I could get exactly the amount I needed. I wanted the jars to be completely full, even slightly over-full.

candy display in mason jars

Setting up the candy bar was super easy. I opened the mason jars, removed the top plate, and screwed the rings back on. Then I filled the jars with the candy. Super easy! These jars are set up on my Hexie table topper, but you could put them on any tablecloth or table topper you like.

candy in different sized mason jars makes a great party display

This is a super project for an off-site party – one you’re not having at your own home. Set up the candy bar at your venue, and after the party pop the lids back on, and it is easy to toss the jars into a box or bag for the ride home.

close up mason jars for storage and transport

I really, really, really love easy clean-up!

stacks of candy in mason jars

And the kids… well… the kids just plain loved it.

kids at the candy display


  1. I love this idea!

  2. I just love the look on the kids’ faces. It’s like they’re on a candy store. 🙂

    I’ll try this on my next niece’s party. This can also make a good Christmas gift for kiddos. Thanks for sharing this tip. 🙂

  3. Hi, how can I find the bottles ?

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