30+ Halloween Googly Eye Crafts

Call them Google Eyes, call them Googly eyes… whatever they are, they are super fun to craft with. And so easy to craft with! They add dimension and whimsy to just about any project. I love popping googly eyes on all kinds of projects… especially Halloween projects! During the month of October, google eye crafts are at their finest. Really, Halloween is the peak of googly eye crafts, and here are over 30 awesome googly eye crafts to give you some inspiration!

Over 30 Fast and Easy Googly Eye Crafts at 30 Minute Crafts

If you love any of these projects, click on the picture to be taken to the tutorial.



  1. You have some of my favorites here, Carolina. I’ve had the googly eye vs. wiggle eye debate before, and googly always won out. Thank you for including Crafts ‘n Coffee in this round up.

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