Earbud Hoodie

Earbud hoodie

Making this earbud hoodie is something I’ve had on my mind since last winter. During cooler months, I like to wear a hoodie. The pockets are perfect for all kinds of things, including putting an iPod or other player. I listen to books on Audible while working on projects, but the wires of my earbuds often get in the way. A simple zipper in the lining is a super easy way to solve this problem. Here’s how to make your own Earbud Hoodie:

First, you need a hoodie and a zipper. Any kind of zipper is fine, it just needs to be long enough to extend 3″ further than the top of the pocket to the bottom of the hood. hoodie and zipper

Pin the zipper in place so that the bottom covers the top of the pocket a few inches. pin zipper in place

Trim the top of the zipper, if needed, so that it tucks under the edge of the hood.

trim zipper

Start by stitching down one side of the zipper with a thread color that coordinates with the hoodie. You don’t need a zipper foot – you’ll want your stitches closer to the edge than to the zipper.

stitch down side of zipper

Stitch down the other side.

stitch sides of zipper

Make sure you stitch across the top of the zippers. If you don’t, you can accidentally pull the zipper pull right off the zipper – which is fixable, but a pain!

Unzip the zipper all the way down. Put your hand in hole the pocket from the outside, and find the zipper. Cut a small hole at the base of the open zipper.This is for the cord to feed through.

hole for wire

Thread the plug of your earbuds through the hole, then zip the cord inside the casing made by the zipper, with the earbuds poking out the top.

earbuds out of zipper

Just plug in your player, and you’re all set! If you used a coordinating thread, you will barely be able to notice the stitching on the front of the sweater.

finished ear bud hoodie

IMPORTANT: Make sure to remove the earbuds before you wash your sweater!


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