Last Minute Trick or Treat Bag

15 Minute Trick or Treat Bag

Every Year I leave making a Trick or Treat bag until the last minute. Sure, I could send my kids out with a pillowcase… but carrying a pillowcase made heavy with candy is rough on young hands. I could give them a plastic grocery bag, but my inner DIY-mama cringes at the thought! So I came up with a fast and easy trick or treat bag, based on my fast bag from a t-shirt. That’s right, this fast and easy trick or treat bag is made from a plain ol’ shirt! Oh, and if you want to know how to make the wizard costume, I have a Wizard Costume Tutorial.

shirt bag suppliesTo make your own, you need:
A t-shirt
Sewing machine (we’re just sewing one line, and it doesn’t need to be perfect)
Paint & stencil (optional)







Start by cutting off the neck and sleeves.

cut neck and sleeves

Turn the shirt inside-out, then stitch all the way across the bottom. If your machine has a stretch-stitch, use that (A stretch stitch looks like 3 lines of stitching, but all on top of each other). If not, you can stitch forward an inch, then back an inch, then forward two inches, then back an inch, then forward two, back one… and keep going to the end.

stitch down the bottom

Turn the shirt right-side out again. You can be all done here, but I chose to stencil on mine.

stencil onto bag

Just a quick and easy stencil, and the bag is all done!

stencil design

If you use an old Halloween t-shirt, you can completely skip the stenciling, and still have a fun bag… close to Halloween you might find discounted Halloween shirts at the stores… so grab a “boo” or “witchy” or “gimme the candy” shirt, and turn it into a Halloween Treat bag!


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