The Ultimate List of Last Minute Costumes

Looking for a Halloween Costume for yourself, your spouse, or the kids? Think you can whip up a costume at the last minute? Well you CAN whip up a Halloween costume shortly for heading out for Trick or Treating. And your Halloween costume can be awesome! Here are over 50 tutorials to help you put together an amazing, and amazingly fast costume. If you want some awesome tips for costume-making in general, check out this great post full of amazing tips on making costumes by my friend Marissa. She is a costume-making pro (fast, fancy, and everything in between), and she’ll help set you straight on the kinds of supplies you need, and how technical you want to get when making a Halloween costume. And if this list of last minute costumes isn’t big enough for you, or you’re looking for a specific idea (regardless of time commitment), check out Really Awesome Costumes. There you’ll find tons of costumes, of varying skill levels and time commitments. The Ultimate List of Last Minute Halloween Costumes at 30 Minute Crafts


  1. Thanks Carolina for including my Rapunzel braid clip! <3

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