15 Minute No Knit Scarf

15 Minute No Knit Scarf

I’m “yarn challenged”. I don’t knit, and I don’t crochet. So I rarely head over to the yarn aisles of the craft store. But on a recent trip, I had my mom with me. She does knit and crochet (further proof that I was a difficult child – my mom can practically crochet in her sleep, but I don’t even know how to hold a hook). My mom was looking for some yarn for a crochet project, and I was wandering along the aisle, fondling the soft yarn, the fluffy yarn, and checking out some of the new, unusual yarns.

I came across this yarn from Lion Brand Yarn. It is designed for people like me. Seriously. Awesome stuff.

pre-knit yarn I made a scarf with a single skein of this yarn, in 15 minutes. With no hooks, and no needles. The basic directions are right there on the package, I just added a little to it.

Very important: Before you start, take off any rings, bracelets, or anything that will snag. Then thread one end of the yarn, and threading it over your non-dominant hand. I’m right handed, so I threaded it over my left hand.

cover arm with yarn

Once you have it all threaded, grab the end by your elbow, and pull it to your hand so that the two ends meet, and the previously elbow-end meets with the hand end.

make ends meet

Grabbing the now doubled end, pull it off your arm, slowly, matching up the two layers to make one thicker piece.

pull over no knit scarf

That’s where the instructions on the packaging end. I went a little  further. I repeated the process,  making the scarf even thicker. This makes the scarf half as long as well, which was perfect for me.

The last little modification was with the end. After threading everything through twice, one of my ends was a little ragged.

end hanging out

I tucked the excess end up into the body of the scarf, then tied a knot in the end.

tie end in knot

And just like that, a cozy scarf for this cool weather!

easy to make no knit scarf


  1. I just recently found this too! I bought two packs. I am going to ‘braid’ them together with a crocheted scarf that I have…hope it works.


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