Shell Star Ornament

Shell Ornament at 30 Minute Crafts This ornament was fast and simple to make. I got a simple star ornament from the craft store, and glued shells onto it..really, it was that simple. But if you need more explanation, here is how it was done.

shell ornament supplies Supplies:
Shells (I took apart a shell necklace)
Paper Mache Star Ornament
Shell Glue



The shell glue smells like paint thinner, is the thickness of a very hot hot glue, and dries fairly quickly. Not as fast as hot glue, but faster than school glue.

I started by spreading the glue over the whole ornament, but it dried too fast. It is better to work in sections. Start by putting shells in the middle.

shells in center

Then work in sections, one point at a time, adding glue and putting the shells in place.

Put Shells in segments

Continue all the way around the ornament.

continue to add shells

Once you make it all the way around, the ornament is complete!

Shell Star Ornament at 30 Minute Crafts

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