DIY Winter Hat Ornament

Do you ever come across a tutorial and find something so absolutely amazing that you simultaneously squee in delight and get jealous that you didn’t design it yourself? That is totally what happened when I saw this tutorial for a winter hat ornament. These little hats are super simple to make, require only a few supplies, and even the kids can make them! Oh – and they don’t require you know how to knit or crochet at all. Which is amazing for me because I’m a yarn-challenged crafter. I love yarn, but I can’t knit, and I can’t crochet. Not that I haven’t tried. That particular crafty gene got left off of this branch of the family tree, I suppose. But these little hat ornaments are totally up my alley. I can’t wait to whip them up!

Winter Hat Ornament - The Letter 4

Make sure to pin this to your Christmas Crafting board, but first click through to pin from the original source.

UPDATED: Looks like the blog that the original post was on is missing! Hopefully they’re just migrating servers, but just in case they are gone for good, I found this video that will show you how to make this cute little ornament:

… and, if you’re not up for watching the video, you can see her step-by-step photos on how to make an elf hat ornament.


  1. Hi
    The link doesn’t work anymore. Can you show us how to make them please? As someone who can’t knit or crochet but loves yarn items, I’d be very grateful!!
    Donna x

    • Oh no! Thanks for letting me know! I found a similar tutorial (with a video) that will show you how to whip up these cute little ornaments.
      Happy Crafting!

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