Outdoor Ornaments with Frog Tape

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Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

I'm going to admit that we're not putting lights on the outside of our house this year… we have them from years past… but spending half a day in the cold to get all the lights up, and later pulling them all down, just isn't going to happen this year. I still want to add some festive decor to the outside of the house, I I thought these fun ornaments, made out of brick pavers, would be perfect. And with this new FrogTape Textured Surface, it is easy to get crisp lines on my brick ornaments!

Textured Surface Frog Tape

I started with these brick pavers from the hardware store. Bricks have such an uneven surface that trying to get crisp lines is nearly impossible! But this newFrogTape Textured Surface solves that problem.

Bricks for Ornaments

I like to do crafts on this site that take 30 minutes or less. Usually, those projects can be done in one sitting. You can whip up one of these ornaments in 30 minutes… but that 30 minutes will be broken up into a few sittings.

I started by painting a base color on the bricks. Then I taped off the stripes with the Frog Tape.

Tape off stripes with Frog Tape

I also stuck together several pieces of Frog Tape to cut a design.

Pieces of Frog Tape Together

I cut a wonky star out of the pieces of Frog Tape stuck together. You can cut the star out of the inside of the tape, but I wanted to feather out the paint around the star.

Wonky Star on Ornament

The directions are right on the package, but basically I pressed down the edges with a wet paper towel to activate the glue. Then I used the adhesive from the package to seal down the edges completely.

Seal with Frog Tape Glue

Once the glue set for 15 minutes, I painted in the stripes.

Paint in Stripes

After the paint dried, I peeled back the Frog Tape and found beautiful, crisp lines!

Peel Back Frog Tape

Then I put them out on the porch!

Ornament Decor made from Bricks


Holiday Doorway

I'm seriously amazed at how well theFrogTape Textured Surface worked on the very textured bricks. This would be great for taping off and painting a "Barn Quilt" on my brick wall, or painting stripes on my textured walls… so many ways that this Frog Tape can come in handy!

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  1. Really like your decorating ideas. Looking to make some for my apartment to celebrate Christmas. Thanks.

  2. Where can I buy the pavers

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