Butterfly Kisses

make butterfly kisses

I have two snuggly little boys. They love tickles and kisses. All kinds of kisses – kisses on their foreheads, Eskimo Kisses, and Butterfly Kisses. I thought it would be fun to make actual butterfly kisses. These are simple to make, and I even have a printable template for the butterflies, if you don’t want to draw your own.

butterfly kiss supplies To make your own butterfly kisses you need:

Butterflies printed on Cardstock (or you could draw your own)
Mechanical Pencil & Ruler
Pipe Cleaner

Cut out the butterflies. Score the line between the wing and the body of the butterfly. An easy way to score is to use a mechanical pencil with the lead tucked in, and a ruler.

score the body of the butterfly

Apply some lipstick and start kissing… the paper. I found that I got the best placement when I used a mirror, held the paper up to my face, then pressed it to my puckered up lips.

kiss the edges of the butterfly

It might take a couple practice kisses to get it right… just re-apply lipstick between each imprint.

add kiss marks to wings

Once you have all your kisses in place, grab a pen and start doodling in the white space. Add wording, lots of hearts, or Xs and Os.

kiss the wings and grab a pen

Fill it as much or as little as you like. Don’t worry about the two sides being perfectly balanced.

fill in with words and symbols

Once you have the white space as filled in as you like, fold a pipecleaner in half. Tuck the body of the butterfly into the fold, then twist the pipecleaner at the top of the body.

add the pipe cleaner body

Fold down each of the antennae and twist them in place.

easy to make butterfly kisses

If you like, add kisses to the back (underside) of the wings as well.

Butterfly kisses craft

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