Duck Tape Dandelion

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Duck Tape Dandelions

I’m so excited to share this Duck Tape Dandelion with you! It is super simple to make, and so cheery and fun!

supplies for Duck Tape Dandelion You only need a few supplies:

Pink Duck Tape
Floral Wire Stem



Start by tearing off a long strip of Duck tape. The longer the tape, the fuller and wider your flower will be. 2-3 feet is a good length.

Fold down one side, leaving about 1/2 inch of adhesive exposed. Cut out a 1″ square, then start cutting the folded-down side into narrow fringe.

Cut tab on end

Keep cutting the whole length into a narrow fringe.

Cut tab on end

Put the floral stem on the adhesive, at the non-tab end. Then start rolling up, tightly.

roll up duck tape fringe

When you get to the tab end, it will help secure the strip in place. Then use your fingers to open up the petals.

Push open petals

Just like that, you have a Duck Tape Dandelion!

Duck Tape Dandelion


  1. I love this! So cute!

  2. Nicole Peterson says

    I just finished, and I love it!!!!!!!

    • Carolina says

      Yay! Did you check out the Duck Tape roses as well? They are only a little bit harder, and… ROSES! 😀

  3. This is so cute i’m constantly looking for somethi g in the summer to do for the kids I look after and this is one I definetly look forward too!!!!


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