Chalkboard Flower

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Chalkboard Flower Tutorial

All week long I’ve been sharing different flowers and leaves made of craft supplies as part of my crafty flower bouquet. This is a flower that didn’t make it into the bouquet. Not because it isn’t fun – there are lots of things I love about this flower – but because of the size. This flower is several times larger than any of the other flowers, and would have overwhelmed the bouquet. But, I still wanted to share it with you, so here it is!

supplies for chalkboard flower To make your own chalkboard flower, you’ll need:
Knitting Needle
green washi tape
Darice Chalkboard Peel & Stick Labels
Handmade Charlotte Stencil
Chalkboard Paint
Yellow Paint
Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue
wooden circles, ovals, and teardrops


Start by painting the petals yellow. I used both ovals and teardrop shapes, but all teardrop shapes would work as well.

paint petals

Paint the center circle with the black chalkboard paint.

paint pieces

Once the petals are dry, stick on the chalkboard labels.

stick on chalkboard labels

Use the stencil to add some sunshine to the chalkboard center of the flower.

stencil center

Cover the knitting needle with the green washi tape.

cover knitting needle in washi tape

Once the pieces are dry, glue everything in place.

glue on knitting needle

If you like, you can paint the back of the sunflower while the glue is setting.

Your chalkboard flower is all done ! Feel free to add some words or pictures to the labels.

chalkboard flower

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