Duck Tape Bangle Bracelets

I’m off to a conference later this week, and one night is an 80’s themed party sponsored by Duck Tape! To get into the mood, I thought I’d whip up an armful of fun Duck Tape bangle bracelets!

duck tape bangle bracelets

These are easy to make! I started with some different patterned Duck Tape and some plain bangles. These actually weren’t bangles – they were used to hang scarves, and I repurposed them!

supplies for bangle

I measured the circumference of my bangle, then cut strips of Duck Tape a little longer. Each strip was cut in half lengthwise. I wrapped half a strip of Duck Tape around the bangle.

wrap Duck Tape around wrist

Then carefully curled in one side.

tape in second side

Then taped in the other side.

finished bangle

And that was it! Finished Bangle!

tutorial for how to make duck tape bangle bracelets


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