Glitter Flowers

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glitter tipped flower tutorial at 30 Minute Crafts

This was one of those craft projects where I had the supplies on hand and thought, “Hmmm… let’s see what will happen…”, and I loved the results! These simple glitter flowers are easy to make – you can create them with young children – they are so hard to mess up! Too much glitter? AWESOME! Only a little bit of sparkle? SUPER! You really can’t go wrong with this simple glitter flower craft!

supplies for glitter tipped flower Here is what you need:
Cloth Covered Stem Wire
Simplicity fabric flower headband accent
Tulip Fashion Glitter Kit



Use the glue from the kit to add a line of glue to the edge of all the petals on the flower. Then cover in glitter while still wet.

cover in glitter

Allow to dry, then remove from glitter, carefully shaking off any excess.

dry embellishments

Once dry, thread the floral wire stem through the holes in the back.

insert wire into back

Thread on the second flower so they are back-to-back.

thread both flowers on stem

Bend down the top of the wire, and twist to secure the flower in place. Your glitter flower is done!

sparkly glitter-tipped flower

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