Sculpey Clay Flower

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simple sculpey flower tutorial

I am not a clay expert. It is a medium I’d like to play with more to get better at it. There are lots of people who make amazing clay creations, and while I don’t know if I’ll ever be fantastic at it, I do love playing with it, and that’s what crafting is really about, right? I made this simple clay flower, and thought I’d share how easy it is to make. Seriously – if I can make this Sculpey clay flower, anyone can!

sculpey clay for flower To make the flower you need:
Green Floral Wire
Premo! Accents Pearl Assortment
Glass pan for oven (that you will no longer use for food)




I started with a large chunk of the pink, and a smaller chunk of the white. I kneaded them individually until soft, then formed them together. I wanted the white around one side of the pink.

two colors of sculpey clay

I rolled the two together into one tube, then sliced into pieces.

slice clay

I formed one end bit into a ball for the center, and the rest into petal shapes.

make ball and petal

I started adding the petals around the ball.

add petal to center

For the outer petals, I added a pleat to give the petal more dimension, and make the base smaller to attach to the center.

make a pleat in the petal

For the leaves, I kneaded the green until soft, then formed into a ball with points on two ends.

make shape for leaf

I used my fingers to press it flat and stretch it out into a leaf shape. I made two leaves.

create leaf from sculpey

I added two sets of holes to the base of the flower, and a hole to each leaf to add the stem after baking.

flower and leaf

I baked according to the directions, then allowed to cool.

I strung the stem through the base of the flower and the leaves.

put flower on wire

I decided to wrap it all with floral tape to give it a cleaner look, but that is up to you.

flower out of sculpey clay

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