Simple Dyed Shoes

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Ever see a super cute pair of shoes, and wonder what they would look like in a different color? Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore! It is super easy to dye shoes! I’m going to show two slightly different methods I used to dye my shoes.

dye shoes with rit

For the grey shoes, I first sprayed the shoes with HOT water.

spray with water

I then mixed the grey dye with more hot water, and completely saturated the shoes with the dye by spraying it on.

spray shoes with dye

I made sure I sprayed all sides.

tie up grey shoes

Then I double-bagged and tied them up and let them sit overnight.


I did the same thing with the red shoes, except I didn’t give them a hot water soak first. The hot water soak dilutes the dye, which was great for the grey shoes, but I wanted a much more vibrant red.

spray on red dye

I made sure that I got the dye all over – which is a little trickier when the shoes aren’t wet beforehand.

saturated shoes

Then I double-bagged the shoes and tied them up. These got to sit overnight as well.

tie up in plastic bag

The next day, I washed out the shoes. Over and over again until the water ran clear. Then I let the shoes sit and dry.

simple dyed shoes

After all the hot water and washing, cotton shoes like these might shrink a little. Shove some crinkled newspaper into the shoes overnight if needed to stretch them out again.

Enjoy your fun, colorful shoes!


  1. Love these! Where did you find the shoes? I want them!

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