Free Birthday Calendar Printable

Free Printable Perpetual Birthday Calendar

If you’ve ever been in a Dutchman’s bathroom, you might have seen a perpetual calendar on the wall, with names written on it. This is the famous Dutch Birthday Calendar. You’ll find one in just about any Dutch home – usually in the bathroom. I’m not entirely sure why in the bathroom – it might be so that the calendar can get undivided attention when hung in the bathroom, whereas on the refrigerator it would compete with other information.

A birthday calendar reminds you to send a card or make a phone call to wish someone good health on their Birthday. You can put other special recurring dates on the calendar as well, like anniversaries. My mom always put birthdates on the calendar when she got birth announcements. Then she’d have their date on there for years. The calendar doesn’t have days of the week or a year on it, so you can keep using the same pages year after year. MUCH easier than having to write all those dates on your calendar each year!

Print out the Birthday Calendar Printable Pages on Cardstock, then cut them in half.

cut printable birthday calendar

Put them in order Jan-December. Then write in the birthdays.

months in order

Hang up your calendar – in the bathroom or anywhere else you like – and never forget a birthday again!

I created this project as part of the World Cup for Kids series over at Multicultural Kids Blogs. All the contributors to this series have chosen a country, and are sharing information about that country (and often a craft or recipe) on the days that their country plays. This way, you get to watch the teams (go Orange!!), and learn about the countries behind the cleats.

Make sure to check out all the other awesome bloggers sharing their countries for the World Cup Series!



  1. Hi! I was wondering what size paper you use for these. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for this!

  3. Thanks so much!!!
    During my 12 years as a Dutch teen (click on my name for a short story about Dutch birthdays!), I never once saw a fridge magnet: fridges were all “built into” the cabinetry, and the ones that were exposed were stainless steel – not magnetic.

    I still hang a birthday calendar now that I live in North America again… very Dutch: in the bathroom. I figure: it’s a place you see first thing in the morning, so that you can plan to take appropriate action, but also, to put the people you love in your heart all day… because THAT’s what birthdays are about!!

    One tip: if you’ve run out of birthdays before the month is over (or if your card to Holland is already out the door) TURN IT TO THE NEXT MONTH EARLY so you stay ahead 🙂

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for a simple, actually free birthday calendar!!

    P.S. I printed mine on 3 pages of cardstock:
    June has July on the back, so I’ll just turn it around mid-year!

    • Glad you’re enjoying it! And don’t we Dutch love our free stuff? 😉
      Though I grew up mostly on US soil, I had a very Dutch upbringing!

  4. Yes this was good to find,the best one amongst a few samples as it has one month per page.
    I am dutch,but left the Netherlands 47 yrs ago. Have always been able to buy (or receive) a birthday calendar.
    And of course it was placed in the bathroom, w.c.My late husband was also dutch.
    Now that I live on my own,I can leave the w.c. door open when no one is around and had to move the bd calendar to the real bathroom(,shower ,basin and full bath) so I would see it every day a few times.I am thinking of converting a 2020 beautiful calendar into a birthday calendar,big pages for lots of names.Fancy I also write down new arrivals when I have received the message of their birth.Thanks for posting.

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