Star Stenciled Shirt with Frog Tape

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Simple Frog Tape Stenciled Shirt

When I was asked to create a project using Frog Tape and fabric I was skeptical. I've used Frog Tape, with the amazing paint-block technology on a holiday project last winter, but it was on bricks. I was doubtful about how successful a product I associate with painting walls would be on fabric.

To test out the Frog Tape on fabric, I decided to paint a shirt. I'm a quilter, and I've been wanting to put a quilt block on a shirt. I've been creating several projects lately using the sawtooth star block, so it was an obvious choice. You could make a different design, but I'm in love with this block!

To make your star stenciled quilt block shirt, you'll need:
Frog Tape with Paint block
Plain Shirt (something that fits well and is comfy!)
Fabric Paint (I went with gold)
Large Plastic Bag

Frog Tape Stenciled Shirt


Use the ruler and pencil to mark off your painting area. I chose a 10" square. Use the Frog Tape to outline the area.

Draw Area

You might be able to see through the shirt fabric that I already inserted the plastic bag between the layers of the shirt. You can do this now, or later… just make sure to do it before you apply the paint block to the shirt.

Mark off Painting Area

Mark the square into a 4×4 grid – each square is 2.5"x2.5". Using the points where the grid meets the tape around the square, mark off the center of the star.

tape off middle

Fill in the center, then mark on the tape the areas that need to be cut away to create the star shape.

Draw Star Shape

Trim away excess tape using scissors.

Trim Tape

Use a wet rag around the edges of the Frog Tape as directed on the package.

Moisten Edges

Follow the directions on the package to apply the paint block.

Apply Paint Block

Once the paint block has set, use the fabric paint.

Paint in the Areas

Fill in all the areas, then allow to dry.

Allow to dry

Once dry, peel away tape. Your shirt is complete!

Remove Tape

To set the paint, I tossed my shirt in the dryer for about 15 minutes. I've since worn (and washed) the shirt twice. This was what I was most skeptical about. I thought that the paint block would wash right out of the shirt… and I was wrong! The paint block has held up fantastically!

Frog Tape Stenciled Tee

I will absolutely use Frog Tape again for stenciling a shirt – I think I need a tiny bit more practice to get the most crisp lines – but of all the techniques I've used, I think this has been among the most successful.

If you're interested in playing with Frog Tape, be sure to check out this FrogTape how-to and follow Frog Tape on Twitter.

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