Dusty Flashlight Craft

Dusty’s latest movie comes out in theaters today – Planes: Fire and Rescue. I had the chance to see it earlier this week with my son, and we LOVED it! Disney really does a great job of creating movies that the entire family can enjoy. There were jokes geared towards my 5-year-old son (like the obligatory car-fart joke in the first 30 minutes of the film), 3D animation that drew us both in to the excitement of being a fire and rescue plane, and a story line that tugged at my heartstrings. Dusty finds himself training for a new career as a fire and rescue plane, and learns some important lessons about himself, while making some new friends.

I was in awe of the animation in this movie. In college my roommate and best friends were both animation/illustration majors, and I watched them agonize over projects like animating a falling leaf. In Planes: Fire and Rescue, the animation is absolutely stunning. Glowing embers, smoke, fire, lights from the planes in the dark forest… combined with camera angles and beautiful scenery.

Dusty Flashlight Cover - free printable

Since I loved the night scenes, and my boys love playing with flashlights, I thought I’d make a Dusty Flashlight Craft. This is a simple printable Dusty that you can color, cut out, and tape to a flashlight so your kids can do some of their own night-flying.

To make your own Flying Dusty Flashlight Craft, you’ll need:

Dusty Flashlight Cover Printable (I printed on regular copy paper, but cardstock will hold up better)
Markers (orange for traditional Dusty, red for fire and rescue Dusty)
Double-sided tape
Flashlight (this one came from the dollar bin at Target)

supplies to attach printable dusty

Color and cut out Dusty. Fold the wings up, the propeller down, and the tail wing up.

color, cut out and fold

Use double-stick tape to plane to the flashlight. If your light has a switch on the side instead of the back, make sure you don’t cover it up!

attach paper to flashlight

Wait until it gets dark, then turn on the light! But be careful of flying too low… flying low at night could cause you to crash!

Printable Dusty Flashlight cover

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