Simple Ribbon Bike Tassel

Make a DIY Bike Tassel

If you take a trip to the Netherlands, you will see bicycles. You’ll see people riding them alongside the roads, and on designated bike paths. You will see them chained to fences. And if you go to a train station, you will see lots and lots of bikes. Bikes are used on about a quarter of all trips in The Netherlands, and the country has more bicycles than people old enough to ride them!

So when I was coming up with a project for today’s post, I knew I wanted to make a bike tassel out of ribbon. You can use any ribbon, but I used this red-white-blue ribbon that looks a lot like the Dutch flag.

ribbon for tassel

All you need to make your ribbon tassel is ribbon – wide ribbon and narrow ribbon – and scissors.

cut an 18 inch piece of ribbon

Start by cutting 18″ lengths of your wide ribbon. The more you cut, the fuller your tassel will be.

stack up the ribbons

Stack them up and fold in half. Cut a length of thin ribbon. Place the thin ribbon on the stack of wide ribbon making a small loop.

make a loop

Then wrap the narrow ribbon around the stack of wide ribbon. When you are done wrapping, tuck the tail into the loop, then pull on the opposite end to tuck the ends in.

tuck in end of the ribbon

Trim off the ends. If you don’t feel your wrapping is secure, add some glue that will dry clear, just to secure it.


cut off ends

Use a second piece of the narrow ribbon to create a loop by threading it through the top of the tassel.

tie on the top

Tie to your bike handle, and take your bike for a spin!

DIY Bike Tassel tutorial

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