Guardians of the Galaxy Craft – Free Mix Tape Printable

Guardians of the Galaxy Printable Mix Tape Box

Earlier this week, hubby and I had a chance to see a pre-screening of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”. I’ll admit that I was completely unfamiliar with everything about the movie when I sat down in the movie theater. I figured that even if the movie ended up being awful, we’d still have a night out together – and every couple needs a date night every now and then. Fortunately for us, the movie was awesome. Lots of action, humor, and even a little romance.

In the movie, Peter Quill is an adventurous outlaw. He connects with a group of misfits to create an unlikely team. The entire story is told with lots of humor (some of it fairly crude – but still very funny), and an awesome sound track, courtesy of Peter’s mom. When he was a boy, Peter’s mom created a mix tape for him, and he treasures it. I remember the mix tapes of my youth, and thought it would be fun to create a little box you can print out and put together to hold your own special little treasures. This is a fun Guardians of the Galaxy craft, a simple and fun favor idea for a Guardians of the Galaxy party, or just a neat little bit of nostalgia.

All you need to make your own little mix tape box is:

Free Mix Tape Cassette Box Printable
Ball Point Pen

Start by printing out the cassette box printable onto cardstock, and cutting it out.

cut out the printable

Turn it over, and score all the fold lines. An easy way to do this is with a ballpoint pen and a ruler. Just press hard with the pen as you make the lines. This will score the paper, making it easy to get crisp fold lines.

score inside of box

Fold, and tape the four corners. Such a simple Guardians of the Galaxy craft!

tape corners closed

It is so easy to make your own Awesome Mix Vol. 1 Cassette Box! Now all you need is to stash a few treats inside… and to go see Guardians of the Galaxy – it opens in theaters today!

Casette Tape Box Printable


  1. Hope it’s okay that we’ve highlighted this post on Bubblegum Post today: Thanks for making such a fun craft!

  2. I cant download or print the PDF. Is there another way to get de Printable?

  3. The 80s kid in me LOVES this!

  4. Ginny Moore says

    I cannot print the mixed tape printable. Can you email it to me.

    I would appreciate it!
    thank you

  5. This is adorable! Quick question: do you know the dimensions of the box? I’m wondering if it would fit to cover a tic-tac box.

    • It is the exact dimensions of a cassette tape. A tic tac box would fit inside, but it would slide around, as the tic tac box would be smaller.

  6. Hi! Thanks for sharing the audio tape printable. It is very nice. Is there any other way to download the printable? can you mail it please.


  7. Can i have a copy sent as well… Don’t have Box? New link doesn’t work either… This won’t even let me edot what im typing here… I think the problem is, we don’t have bix, whatever that is, so wrcant download it like a normal gile.

    • I’m sorry you were having trouble downloading the file.

      You don’t need a account to download the printable, you should be able to click on the link here, then click the blue “Download” button at the top of the page.

      But, to make things easy, I’ve e-mailed it to you as well. 🙂

  8. How clever! I’m making these as goody bags for my son’s sixth birthday party. Thank you for posting 🙂


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