Simple Studded Shirt

This week, I’m crafting with studs. Today’s project is a simple studded shirt. This shirt is insanely easy to make. All you need are 3 simple and inexpensive supplies, no fancy tools. Easy. And it adds some style to the shirt.

Simple Studded Shirt Tutorial

I made this shirt as part of a week-long celebration of studs in crafting. so all week long I’ll be sharing a stud-related craft over here… and each day you’ll also want to head over to CraftSnark for a more masculine stud. Safe for work, just not for viewing in front of your husband. HA!

So, while you’ve bookmarked that link for later, let’s chat about today’s craft. Gather up your supplies to make your own simple studded shirt. I’ve made you a list, and added affiliate links so you’ll know exactly what I used.
A shirt. I got this one from Ross.
Colorful Square Pyramid Spike Studs
Heat’n Bond Medium Weight Iron-On Fusible Interfacing

shirt and studs

Start by cutting a strip of the interfacing about 2.5 times as wide as the studs, and iron into the area you want to place the studs. This will give the studs extra support. Iron into place, on the BACK of the shirt.

iron in interfacing

Decide the placement of your first stud, then carefully poke the prongs through the front, to the back.

insert prongs through shirt

Carefully fold in the two prongs.

fold in prongs of studs

Repeat this process to add more studs.

line up studs

I added studs at each arm, and an extra line at the bottom. You can make a pattern, I specifically went patternless, because I like the random look.

studs lined up on bottom of shirt

Adds a fun pop of color to this shirt!studs on arm of shirt

Oh, hey – if you want to see what this shirt looks like when I’m wearing it, you can! I wore it while recording a video with my friend Jenny over at Craft Test Dummies. She interviewed me, and got me to spill all my crafty secrets!

One last thing – this studded shirt is hand-wash only after you add these studs. Unless you use fabric adhesive to secure them, they won’t make it through a standard wash cycle.


  1. I love this! What a fun look.

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