Brad Spiders

Sometimes, I come up with craft ideas that are so obnoxiously simple, I’m afraid to share them. Because, really… these brad spiders are super simple to make, I don’t really need to explain it, right? But then I think that it is great to have some super fast crafts on hand. Especially versitile ones, like these spiders. Using simple paper-fasteners, you can make a bunch of these spiders to use as table scatter. You can attach these spiders to earring posts or a ring blank to make jewelry… once you’ve whipped up a couple, the possibilities are endless!

And, I’m sharing these simple spiders as part of Craft Lightning week, where Angie from the Country Chic Cottage and I are sharing fun and fast crafts all week long. And I can’t think of many crafts faster than this!

Simple Spiders made from paper fasteners

Brads (paper fasteners) – sparkly ones from the crafts section, if you can find them
Hot Glue
White Paint

Start by opening your paper fastener.

open brads

Glue them together using hot glue, slightly askew so that you can see all 4 legs. Yes, I know that spiders have 8 legs… but these simple spiders are super cute with only half of their appendages, so I’m going to run with it…

Oh, and since hot glue is HOT, and the paper fasteners are metal – be careful not to burn yourself! The metal gets hot fast when it comes into contact with the glue.

Use a couple small dabs of paint to add eyes.

paint on eyes

Your spiders are done! Super simple, right?

finished spiders

If you wanted to get fancy, you could glue a piece of fishing line or monofillament between the layers as you glue them together, and then you have a mini spider you could hang… maybe from the handle of a co-worker’s coffee cup?

Be sure to come back tonight for more fun and fast Halloween crafting ideas!


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