Halloween Mask Cupcake Toppers

Are you planning a Halloween party, or in charge of bringing the cupcakes to a school or work Halloween party? These cupcake toppers are simple to make, with just a few inexpensive supplies. You can put these cupcake toppers on home-made cupcakes, or you can buy plain cupcakes from the store, and quickly insert your Halloween mask cupcake toppers before the party starts.

This fast Halloween craft is part of a whole week of fast Halloween Crafts this week… that’s right, it is Craft Lightning week! All week long, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and I will each share a fun and fast Halloween craft in the morning… and each afternoon we’ll share a round-up of fun and fast Halloween crafts from our friends across the web!


Halloween Mask Cupcake Toppers

To make these cupcake toppers you’ll need
Paper masks cut from this template
Lollypop sticks (from baking section of the craft store)
Ribbon (these Halloween ribbons are from The Ribbon Retreat)
Buttons (these are from Laura Kelly)
Hot Glue

supplies for mask cupcake toppers

Glue the masks to the lollypop sticks with hot glue.

hot glue popsicle sticks to back

Cut 6″ lengths of ribbon, and pick out your buttons.

decorate mini masks

Fold each ribbon about in half, adding glue inside the fold, and to the back.

hot glue folded ribbon

Carefully (so you don’t burn yourself), apply the ribbon to the front of the mask. With a dab of glue, add the button.

Mask Cupcake Toppers

Make as many as you need for your cupcakes.

Simple Mask Cupcake Toppers

Insert into store-bought cupcakes, or make your own cupcakes (for extra credit)!

Simple Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Go ahead… take a bite…

Simple Cupcake Topper for Halloween

I made full-sized masks to go with these cupcake toppers… you can check them out over at The Ribbon Retreat blog

Make sure to come back by this evening, I’ll have a round-up of lots of fun and fast Halloween crafts! And come back all week long for more spooky and fun crafts!


  1. Such a great idea!


  1. […] My partner for this series is 30 Minute Crafts and she is sharing some Halloween mask cupcake toppers that are just adorable!  Click here to see more and make your own. […]

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