Creepy Hand Craft

Looking for a fun Halloween craft? Or maybe a fun craft to go along with your favorite movie? This Creepy Hand Craft is so much fun… and great for tucking into a box of popcorn!

creepy hand popcorn decor

I made the hand using supplies sent to me by my friend Laura Kelly. She is awesome! She sent me the cutest box filled with all kinds of crafty goodness… including the box and the popcorn. As part of her popcorn blog hop, she asked me to make something. At first I was stumped. I had no idea! When I got to the bottom of the box, I saw the Sculpey clay, and I KNEW I wanted to make a hand!

I am a clay-scuplting novice. I wish I could make the cute creatures some people are able to… but I don’t have those skills. Luckily, this hand is super easy to make! Really! And in just 30 minutes.


Here are the supplies I used:
Sculpey Clay
Googly Eyes (Laura knows I’m a fan)
Hot Glue
Stick or Skewer (I used a Lollypop Stick)

Start by picking your clay. I used 3 colors for a creepy marbled look. I kneaded each one individually to make it pliable.

knead colors

Then I mixed them all together.

mix into ball

I rolled it into a ball, and then cut three slits into it – this is to split the clay to make the fingers.

cut slits

Then I pulled and tugged the pieces made by the slits to create three fingers and a thumb.

shape fingers

I used the back of a pencil to make indentations for the nail beds. I’m going to add rhinestones here after the hand is baked.

make nail beds

Then I inserted the stick, and wiggled it around a bit. I want there to be room for both the stick and some glue after it bakes.

make hole with stick

I baked it according to the package instructions, and when it had cooled, I glued in the stick, glued an eye to the center of the hand, and glued the rhinestones onto the finger nails.

glue in stick

After popping my popcorn, I inserted the stick into the center of the popcorn.

creepy hand in the popcorn

I love how the creepy fingernails turned out!

hand popping out of pop corn


Laura is doing an awesome giveaway… for a $50 Fandango Movie gift card, a pack of popcorn boxes from World Market and $45 of I Love to Create craft supplies to decorate with. Be sure to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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