Nutella Emergency Chocolate

A few months ago, I shared my Emergency Chocolate Craft. Like all projects here on 30 Minute Crafts, it is super simple to make. But, if you want to gift some emergency chocolate in an even easier way, then Nutella is absolutely the way to go! Wrap it up with a spoon and a tag, and you have a gift for almost anyone on your list.

Nutella Emergency Chocolate Craft

You’ll need:
Jar of Nutella
Spoon (I prefer a nice metal spoon over a plastic one – check Thrift stores for fun spoons)
Hole Punch

supplies for gifting nutella

Start making the tag. Cut a rectangle, chop off the corners, and punch a hole.

cut tag shape

Write on your tag.

write on tag


Tie the ribbon around the top of the Nutella jar.

tie ribbon on top of nutella jar

Then tie on the spoon.

tie on spoon

Add the tag, and tie a bow.

the gift for anyone - nutella and a spoon

Emergency Nutella – a great stocking stuffer, or gift for any occasion!

delicious nutella gift

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