Simple Customized Piggy Banks

My boys love putting change into their piggy banks. They love it when their dad comes home, gives them each some of the change from his pockets, and they get to run upstairs to put it their piggy banks. These customized piggy banks are even more fun – they love seeing their names on the sides of these piggies!

Personalized Piggy Bank

Plain Piggy banks (you can find them at the craft store)
DecoArt Glass Paint Pens
Paper Towels
Rubbing Alcohol

piggy bank supplies

Wipe off the piggy banks with rubbing alcohol – this is not optional! You want to clean off any dust, oil, grime, whatever to help the ink from the pen stick.

Then, write whatever you like on the piggy banks!

write on piggy bank

If you don’t like your handwriting on the first pass, just wipe it off with the paper towel and rubbing alcohol, and try again.

finished piggy banks

These are great simple gifts for nieces, nephews, or whatever change-loving folks you have in your life!


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