Simple DIY Wine Glasses

Looking for a super easy and customizable gift for the wine lover in your life? Whip up these super simple wine glasses! You can write whatever you like on them, and they take only minutes to make!

Simple DIY Wine Glasses


Wine glasses (these were on clearance at Target)
DecoArt Glass Paint Pens
Paper Towels
Rubbing Alcohol

supplies for wine glasses

Start by cleaning off the glasses with the rubbing alcohol. Don’t skip this step! The ink on the glass paint pens works best on a super-clean surface.

Then write your saying right on the glass. If you’re not happy with your penmanship, just wipe it away with some more rubbing alcohol, and write again.

write on glasses

You can write a name, favorite quote, draw a picture… whatever you like. These wine glasses are simple to make! When you’re done, pop them in the oven according to the directions on the package. This will set the ink so that it is dishwasher safe through tons of washings.

finished glasses


  1. tammy smith says

    mine seems to wash off, not sure what am I doing wrong.

    • Carolina says

      You need to use the right paint, then follow the instructions. Depending on the paint you use, it might need to cure for a certain number of days and/or go in the oven for a time at a certain temperature to fuse the paint.

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