Snow Globe Necklace

Want some fun and unique jewelry to wear this holiday season? Whip up this fun Snow Globe Necklace! Don’t be intimidated, it isn’t hard to make, and I’ll walk you through all the steps so you can make your own Mini Snow Globe to wear!

Snow Globe Necklace

To make your necklace you’ll need:

Polymer Clay (I used Sculpey)
Fine glitter
Mini Trees
Hot Glue
Necklace Chain
Jewelry pliers

snow globe supplies

Start by kneading the black clay to soften it.

knead clay

Remove the bottom from the charm.

take apart snow globe

Roll a ball of clay and place on the bottom.

make a clay ball

Push bottom onto ball to flatten until it is the size of the base.

set on top of clay

With your finger, carefully pull the clay over the sides.

pull up over spikes

Bake as directed on the package the clay comes in. Allow to cool.

Curl the bottom of the tree to make a larger base, then glue down.

curl stem of tree

glue tree in place

Pour about a tablespoon of glitter into the glass globe.

add glitter

Test fit the base to make sure it fits. Adjust if needed, then glue around the rim of the glass.

glue around rim

Secure the glass in place.

Cut the chain the desired length, string through the loop in the top, then add the clasp.

Make a Snow Globe Necklace

Your snowglobe necklace is complete!

hanging snow globe necklace


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