DIY No Slip Socks

When I take my son to indoor playgrounds, where the rules are no shoes, socks only, he has a blast. He runs around, climbs, slides, and has a great time. But when he runs from the padded carpet onto the smooth tile, sometimes, he slips. Small feet don’t have a lot of traction, and with slippery socks on, they have even less. Trying to find no-slip socks in his size wasn’t a hunt I was up for, so I decided on a super simple DIY  instead.

DIY No slip socks

You can use supplies you already have on hand – socks and hot glue. And a little bit of scrap paper.

supplies for DIY no slip socks

Start by filling the sock with crumpled paper. Stretch out the sock to the size it will be on the foot.

fill with scrap paper

Use the bot glue gun to make small circles on the sock. I didn’t want big bumps, which might be uncomfortable on hard surfaces. I also made sure the glue went into the fibers of the sock, so they won’t pull off in the wash or at play.

glue dots to bottom of sock

Cover the entire bottom of the sock. Then repeat with the other.

make dots all over the bottom

Quick and easy – no slip socks!

finished no slip socks


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