Simple DIY Glass Tiled Tray

This glass tiled tray is super simple to make, and it was inspired by my friend Shannon from Madigan Made and her tiled glass table. I loved hers, and wanted a simpler version… and not on a table. So I made this quick tiled glass tray.


Simple Glass Tiled Tray


You’ll need:
White Tray
Glass stones
Resin (Shannon used Envirotex, which I couldn’t find, but I have used it in the past, and I think it works better)
Mixing container and stir stick
Masking tape

supplies for glass tiled tray

If your tray isn’t tightly sealed, use masking tape around the bottom to prevent the resin from leaking through. Spread out the glass stones.

stones on tray

Mix up the resin as instructed on the package.

stir up resin

To protect the tray while the resin sets, I put my tray in a cardboard box, lined with a plastic garbage bag (just in case). Then I poured the resin on top.

allow to sit

Allow the resin to cure, as instructed on the package, and you have a fun serving tray!

make a simple glass tiled tray


  1. I never thought to do this, I love to make up crafts if I can but this one would have not even come in my mind haha, thank you for sharing. This would be perfect on my desk.

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