Simple Beaded Bracelet

I’m super excited to share this simple beaded bracelet with you today, because it also means that I can share with you some exciting news! I’m part of the Cousin Beads Ambassador team! I met with the amazing folks at Cousin back in January. Since then, life has been crazy with our big move to California… but I have had a blast getting to know the other ambassadors. They put together a fun challenge – each of us was sent an identical box of beads and supplies, and we had to make something.

When I got my challenge box, I was stumped. All kinds of beautiful beads… but where to go with them. I picked a few strands, and made this fun and simple bracelet. I love that it has a pattern, is sparkly, but still understated… very my style. And you can whip one up in 15 minutes or less… which is perfect for me!

simple beaded bracelet you can make in 15 minutes

I’m on the team with a bunch of insanely talented ladies… be sure to check out their projects:

Allison at Quiet Lion made some beautiful Bohemian-inspired piecesDawn created a lovely animal print inspired necklace
Shelly made several pieces including a copper wristlet that I LOVE
Rachel made a turquoise and copper bracelet I might have to copy with my leftover beads
Molly made several awesome wire-wrapped pieces
Rebecca made a really cool stacked bead and chain necklace
Check out what Lisa made

So… let me show you how I made my bracelet! In addition to the beads I used (affiliate links added to make it easy):
Lobster clasp and jump ring
Tiger Tail Beading Wire
Tube Crimp Beads
One Step Crimping Pliers
Jewelry Pliers

supplies for simple beaded bracelet

Start by cutting a length of tiger’s tail, I use about 1.5-2 times the size I’m going to need, just so I don’t have to worry about beads spilling off the ends. String on a crimping bead, the lobster clasp, then string the tiger’s tail back through the crimping bead.

add clasp and crimp

Use the one-step crimping pliers to secure the clasp in place.

I added my beads in a pattern, then added a crimp bead, the jump ring, and threaded the tiger tail back through the crimp bead.

make a pattern with beads

I tugged on the end to make everything snug, used the one-step crimping pliers again, and my bracelet was done!

finished bracelet

Really, the toughest part is deciding on a pattern… and with these beautiful beads, it is hard to go wrong there!

I had so much fun (and these are so easy) that I whipped up a whole wrist full of them!

wrist full of beaded bracelets


  1. Love your cute bracelet.

  2. Carolina, I love how your entire set of stacked bracelets looks! It’s totally versatile and great for dressing up or dressing casual! Super fun! I’m loving getting to know you and seeing how you can whip up great designs in short order! Thanks so much for playing my crazy bead game. Can’t wait to see what other designs you come up with as we get new tasks from the company! Welcome to the Creative Circle! Hugs!

  3. Nice tutorial! I love a whole wrist full of bracelets! 🙂

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