Teacher Appreciation Necklace

It is the last day of Teacher Appreciation Craft Lightning! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed all the fun and fast Teacher Appreciation Crafts we’ve been making this week. I want to share with you one last fun (and easy!) project you can make – this metal stamped teacher appreciation necklace. It is super simple to make, in just a few minutes, with the right supplies. And what child doesn’t love giving jewelry to their amazing teacher, right?

Teacher Appreciation Necklace

To make this necklace you’ll need:

Impress Art Letter Stamps (I used the “Newsprint” font)
Stamping Block
Stamp Straight Tape

Impress Art Stamping Blank
Jump ring
Chain and jewelry clasp
Head Pin
Jewelry pliers

Teacher Appreciation Necklace Supplies

Start by stamping the blank with a word for your teacher, then use a Sharpie to get ink into the stamped area. I stamped “Inspire”, but there are lots of great words – teach, learn, read, grow, achieve, dream, create, passion… I’m sure you can think of lots of great words. But here we just need one.

bring out with sharpie Put some beads on a head pin, then wrap the top of the head pin to create a loop and secure the beads in place.

make loop
Using a jump ring, attach the beads and the word to the necklace. If the necklace doesn’t have a jewelry clasp, add one.

Finished Teacher Appreciation Necklace

This necklace is very simple to make, and not at all an expensive gift to give. You can also personalize it with a word that has meaning for the teacher, and use beads that are in the teacher’s favorite colors.


  1. I love this! I just found you, subscribed and can’t wait to check out more! Thanks for the great gift ideas, jewelry, and so many other things! This site is so much fun checking out the quick jewelry and the wonderful quick gift ideas! Sometimes, or most of the time it isn’t about the amount of time it took to make it, the amount of money.

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