Cocktail Recipe: The Honey Do

I’m super excited to share The Honey Do cocktail with you today, and the corresponding craft: a sweet little swizzle stick you can make this cocktail just a little sweeter. How can you resist? A quick and easy craft, a strong and sweet cocktail, and a completed “honey do list” at the end of the day!

Natalie’s sent me a cooler of their delicious juices, and I was determined to savor each one… what better way than to pair it with some liquor, right? I’ve promised them a few fun cocktail recipes, and some quick and easy craft projects to go alongside them. You ready? Let’s get started!

Cocktail Recipe The Honey Do copy

For the craft you’ll need:
Your highball glass
Bamboo skewers
Red felt
Hot Glue gun
For the drink you’ll need:
Natalie’s Honey Tangerine Juice
Smirnoff Wild Honey Vodka

Before we get to the crafty portion, I just want to add that you should always drink responsibly. Know your limits, don’t drink and drive, and if you’re going to drink and craft… get a low-temp hot glue gun!

supplies for cocktail pick

Cut your bamboo skewers so they extend about 1″ past the rim of the glass. Don’t use your good sewing shears. Use craft scissors, okay?

cut skewers to size

Fold a segment of felt in half, and cut through a double layer to make two hearts the same size. They should be about 1″ square.

cut heart shape

Separate the two hearts, add a dab of glue, then press down one end of the skewer.

hot glue in place

Another dab of glue, the second heart on top, and you’re all done!

finished heart cocktail pick

Now let’s add a sweet cocktail to go with these sweet swizzle sticks…

1 part Smirnoff Wild Honey Vodka
3 parts Natalie’s Honey Tangerine juice
stir well and serve over ice

… after the day’s honey-do list has been completed.

how to make the honey do cocktail


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