DIY Memo People

Want a cute place to kep memos, grocery lists, reminders, or photos? These little memo people are super simple and easy to make!

Memo Holders

Wooden Peg People
Black Paint
Hot Glue

supplies for people memo holders

Paint your peg people black. Allow to dry.

paint wooden figures

Hot glue paperclips to the top.

glue on paperclips

Touch up the hot glue with a little black paint, if you like.


Paperclip memo people


  1. You could also use a wooden salt and pepper chaker found at Goodwill or thrift stores. Upcycle is alaaus good.

  2. JaneEllen says

    So clever and so cute. At first thought paper clips were put into head, glad you showed how to glue paper clip on head. Clever way to make place to put notes to family. Thanks for sharing. Have great week. Is it summery where you are? Has finally gotten that way here, (western CO).

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