DIY Lego Stickers

My sons love their Legos, and I love how many hours of playtime they get with their Legos! They use their imaginations to build cars, spaceships, helicopters, homes… and sometimes flying helicopter homes that can go to outer space! They enjoy customizing their Lego creations, and we discovered that vinyl makes the perfect Lego Stickers to customize their Lego bricks even more!

DIY Lego Stickers cut from Vinyl

Making these stickers is super easy. Start with basic Lego Bricks that have smooth sides… any shape or size is fine.

legos can get stickers

You’ll want my Lego bricks vinyl weeding sheet. The squares and rectangles on this page are already set to be the right size for Lego Bricks. Place your designs inside the boxes, and they’ll be easy to cut out.

I created these on my Sizzix eclips2, but the Lego Bricks vinyl weeding sheet is an .svg file, so you can use it with any cutting machine that accepts .svg files – most do.

boxes for DIY Lego Stickers

Once you’ve created all the designs you want, delete any unused boxes so that you can save your vinyl for future use. You don’t want it cutting out all those extras until you’ve filled them with shapes.

Then cut your vinyl! Peel away all the background. This is where you’ll see the magic of having the weeding sheet.

pull away vinyl Once you’ve peeled away the background, it is easy to “weed” away any of the pieces you don’t want. Leaving you with perfect stickers. weed the vinyl

Cut a small piece of vinyl transfer tape – just slightly larger than the sticker you want to place on the brick. Press firmly on the sticker, and lift.

apply transfer tape

Place the sticker on the brick. Rub down.

transfer tape

Carefully remove the transfer tape. I get the best results when pulling completely in the opposite direction (backwards and not upwards).

peel off transfer tape

Ta da! A custom lego brick!

sticker on lego

Make lots (and lots, and lots)!

put lego stickers on legos

If you have an eclips2, here is the cut file I used… feel free to add more designs, or remove the extra weeding boxes.




  1. What an ingenious way to make a great toy even better. How clever of you Mom. Legos are like lincoln logs from my kids time, (many years ago). Had two boys 16 months apart so they spent lots of time playing together, making messes all over floor but that was ok. They were so good, had such fun and used their imaginations.
    Must be so much fun for your boys with Mom that embellishes their Legos. Happy week

  2. NunyaBuisnessWhatMyNameIs says

    so they don’t have the type of rectangle that I need. what do?

  3. NunyaBuisnessWhatMyNameIs says

    so they don’t have the type of rectangle that I need. what do I do?

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