DIY Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser

Do your children love Minions? Mine do. Very few days go by where I don’t hear “Beedo! Beedo! BEEDO!!” So, of course, Minion School supplies are a must. This year, there was a school supply I was not used to seeing – dry erase board eraser. In an effort to use less paper, practice is often done on small dry erase boards, so of course, an eraser is a must. There was an option instead of buying an eraser – send an old (clean) sock. This gave me an idea. Why not craft up the sock and turn it into a DIY Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser? I upcycle a sock, check off an item on the school supply list – and add a Minion to my son’s school supplies – WINNING!

DIY Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser

Small, Clean sock
Batting scraps (or pillow stuffing,or a second, larger sock)
Felt: Yellow, Blue, Gray, White, Black
Hot Glue
Fabric Paint

supplies for DIY Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser

Start by folding your Batting scraps, or larger sock.

fold batting

Insert into sock, then tuck the top of the sock in as well. Adjust until smooth.

tuck in sock

Place the sock on the yellow felt, and cut an oval-ish shape to size.

cut felt to fit

Glue on with hot glue.

glue on yellow felt

Cut an oval-ish piece of blue, the same size as the yellow piece.

cut blue felt

Also cut two grey circles, two slightly smaller white circles, and a strip of black. Cut the top and sides of the blue to form the overalls.

cut shapes

Glue down the body, then the black stripe for the goggles, then the grey circles, and finally the white circles. Use fabric paint to add the details – hair, eyes, mouth, and seams on the overalls. If you have fabric paint with a nozzle – awesome! I couldn’t find mine, so I used plain paint with a paintbrush.

paint on details

Once the paint is dry, your Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser is complete! I surprised my son with his, and he was super excited to take his little minion to school!

Minion Dry Erase Board Eraser

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