Terial Magic Flowers

When I did my review on Terial Magic for Craft Test Dummies, I made a couple projects… including this fun fabric flower. I love this, because you can turn your favorite fabric into beautiful flowers! And it is a great project for using up scraps. I realized I never shared the step-by-step with y’all here, so it is about time I show you how to make these quick and easy fabric flowers.

Fabric Flower You’ll need:
Terial Magic
Beads or Buttons
Floral Tape

supplies for flower

Cut a 25″ length of wire. String on the bead or button. Twist, twist, twist the wire.

add beads and make stems

Treat the fabric with the Terial Magic according to the instructions on the bottle. Then cut out teardrop shapes for petals.

teardrop shapes

Place the points of the teardrops next to the wire stem. Wrap with floral wire to secure. Start with 1 or 2, then keep adding more.


adding petals

Wrap the floral wire down the stem.

add on petals

Open up the petals – your flower is complete!

Terial Magic Flower



  1. Very pretty fabric flower and great tutorial. Total #CreativeGoodness.


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