Dreamcatcher Heart

One of my favorite camp crafts was making a dreamcatcher. I loved the lore behind this fun craft – that mothers would hang a dreamcatcher abover their child’s bed, and all the bad dreams would be caught in the web, while all the good dreams would be allowed to slip through the holes. In this spirit, I decided to make a dreamcatcher using a heart-shaped cutout instead of the traditional circle.

Dreamcatcher Heart

To make the heart dreamcatcher I needed:
Heart wood cutout
White Pearl Cotton (or string)
Red Beads
Silver Letter Beads
Pink Paint

supplies for heart dreamcatcher

I peeled off the label, and gave the heart a quick coat of paint.

paint the heart frame

Then I started looping the string through. It took a couple tries to find the right configuration, I liked this looping best.

loop around frame

Once I got all the way around, I started a second loop – this time going through the previous loops instead of over the frame.

continue thread on second loops

I added a few red beads along the way.

add beads

Instead of going all the way around, I kept the design asymmetrical, skipping the loops on one side as I continued around in a spiral.

continue around side

On the other side I added the “L O V E” beads.

add letter beads

Done! Ready to catch all the bad dreams, and let the good ones through…

finished heart dreamcatcher

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