Hexie Needle Book

When I’m not whipping up fast crafts, I like to do a little sewing. Recently, I had the chance to teach English Paper Piecing to some friends of mine. We were hand-stitching hexagons together, so I made them each a little needle book to hold their hand needles. These needle books are simple to make, and are a great gift for anyone who likes to sew!

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Scrap Fabric (cotton woven fabric – I used solid black)
Sizzix Fabi Cutter
Hexagon Die

supplies for needle book

Cut two felt hexagons using the die and machine. Then cut 2-3 fabric hexagons.

die cut shapes

Layer the fabric hexies between the two felt hexies. Put under the sewing machine. Stitch a zig-zag stitch down one side. Go back-and-forth at the beginning and end of the seam to secure.

stitch down one side

stitch to end

Your needle book is complete!

finished needle books


  1. How do you keep the fabric pages from fraying?

    • Carolina says

      You can put some fray-check on the edges if you like, but at least 4 of the edges will be on the bias, which prevents fraying. 🙂


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