Pinecone Earrings

The holidays are a great time for dressing up, and for giving gifts. These simple glittery pinecone earrings are great for dressing up with, or for gift giving… and they are simple enough to make, you can make a pair to give and a pair to keep!

This quick and easy project was made in less than 15 minutes… which is the theme for this week. Holiday craft projects that can be made in 15 minutes or less. And all week long, I’m sharing fast holiday crafts, and so are my Craft Lightning co-hosts, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage and Aunt Peaches. You can see their projects, as well as the quick crafts from some of our talented friends, if you scroll down.

Make these glittery pinecone earrings in just a few minutes using a few basic supplies!

Mini Pinecones
Jewelry Chain
Earring Hooks
Jump Rings
Jewelry Pliers
Mod Podge
Hot Glue


Pick two small pinecones that are close to the same size.

pick pinecones

Make the hardware. Start by cutting the chain into two pieces each about 1.5″ long. If you like longer or shorter earrings, you can adjust the length.

making the hardware

Attach the jump rings to one end, and the earring wires to the other.

put hardware together

Use a dot of glue at the top of each pinecone to secure the jump ring in place. Make sure to keep the chain out of the way, you want it to swing freely.

glue to top of pinecone

You can stop here, but I thought I’d add a little bling. I’m not a big fan of glitter (it gets absolutely everywhere!), but sometimes it is just the perfect touch. I have some antique glitter that I love to pull out for these occasions… and I always use my favorite glitter technique. Pour out equal amounts of Mod Podge and glitter.

mix glitter with mod podge

Stir together with a paintbrush, and paint on. This keeps the glitter from getting all over the place as you use it, it allows you to control how much glitter gets on your project, and it helps keep it in place when done.

mix glitter

You can use the paint brush to get the glitter between the bits of the pinecone.

fill with glitter

You can hang the earrings on a paintbrush handle and allow to dry.

allow to dry

When the Mod Podge is dry, you’ll have fun, sparkly, and festive earrings that you can wear out… or give to a friend!

finished pinecone glitter earrings

These glittery pinecone earrings are simple to make and look so cute! Make them to wear this holiday season.

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felt christmas tree

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Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for the final installment of our 15 minute holiday Craft Lightning series!


  1. […] Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts actually broke out the glitter!  She is sharing how to make these glittered pinecone earrings! […]

  2. […] Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts actually broke out the glitter!  She is sharing how to make these glittered pinecone earrings! […]

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