Eyelash Eye Mask

Making a fabulous eye mask is super simple! This DIY Eyelash Eye Mask is no-sew and comes together in about 15 minutes. I actually made this glam eye mask for a super glam friend at a retreat. She was having a hard time sleeping, and I knew this eye mask would be just the right thing to help her catch her zs in style!

Make this Eyelash Eye Mask in 15 minutes with no sewing required!

If you want to make your own eye mask, you’ll need:
Sequin Trim
Aleene’s Glue

supplies for eye mask

Fold the felt in half and cut an eye mask shape. You’ll need two.

cut eye mask shape

eye mask pieces

Put one aside. Cut two lengths of ribbon, about two feet each, and glue to each side of the mask. Then add a layer of glue, and sandwich the other felt piece on top.

glue middle

Cut trim to length, and glue in place.

glue on fringe

Allow to dry, and your eye mask is complete!

finished eyelash eye mask

Sweet dreams!

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