Mini House Boxes

If I had to pick one favorite thing about Christmas, it might be Gingerbread houses. Or presents. But Gingerbread houses as presents – that is the best! These little Gingerbread house boxes are simple to make, and fun for the kids to decorate – without all the calories (unless you tuck chocolate inside – that is up to you)!

Print out or cut out these boxes on your silhouette, decorate with a white marker, and use to give little candies or other gifts!

Brown Paper
House Printable or Silhouette cut file
Scissors or Sihouette
White paint pen or white crayon
Hot Glue

Cut out the house shape.

supplies for gingerbread house

Draw in your gingerbread house details. Doors, windows, roof tiles… whatever you like.

draw in details

Fold on all the score lines.

fold on score lines

Glue is optional, but it fits together more snugly with a little glue.

fold in and glue

glue on flaps

Cut a ribbon to tie the top, and fill with treats. I found these Hershey kisses shaped like Santa Hats – aren’t they adorable?

fill your gingerbread house with treats

Tie on the ribbon.

tie on ribbon

And you’re done! These make the cutest favors for a holiday party, or are simple to make and give as class gifts, or gifts at work!

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