Snowy Tree Vignette

With all the Christmas crafting and wrapping, I found myself with lots of empty ribbon spools. I knew they’d be perfect for making a snowy vignette! I might make more to use as the centerpiece on our table, or just use as holiday decor. They are so fast and easy to make, I love this snowy tree decor!

Snowy vignette made from a recycled ribbon spool

To make your own vignette, you’ll need:
Empty ribbon spools
Hot Glue
Scraps of Polyfill Batting
Bottle Brush Trees

supplies for snowy hill vignette

Cut the batting. For each hill you’ll need two pieces – one cut to the size of the spool, and a second larger than the top of the spool, with enough extra to wrap around the sides.

cut batting

Glue the small circle of batting on top. Cover with the larger piece. Add hot glue around the bottom edge, and secure the batting all the way around.

glue batting around edge

Trim away excess.

trim batting

Glue trees to the top.

glue on trees

In just a few minutes, the ribbon spools have undergone a transformation!

ribbon spool becomes a snowy hilltop

Put several together for a fun little vignette!

finished snowy mountain vignette

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