Nutella Valentine

Oh, Valentine, you totally get me! With this adorable Nutella Printable Valentine. Because we go together like Nutella and… everything. Because Nutella really does go with everything. Apples? Check! On toast? Check! Pancakes? Check! What about a spoon? Check, check check! This Nutella Valentine will have people giggling or chuckling… and even the most stern will crack a smile!

Simple Nutella Printable Valentine - we go together like Nutella and everything!

I found these single-serving Nutellas at World Market. You could use the single-serve nutellas that come with the little breadsticks, too. Or you could go all-out and attach your printable to a whole jar of the stuff. Up to you. If you want ones that look like these you’ll need:
Nutella Valentine Printable
Single-serving Nutella (you can find them on Amazon with my affiliate link here)
Hot Glue (or double-stick-tape)

Print out and cut the valentines. Add a dab of hot glue to the back of your single-serving Nutella.

glue to paper

Stick to the card, and done.

Nutella printable valentines

Done and yum!

Please excuse me while I go grab a spoon.

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