Paper Straw Kite

To celebrate Kite Flying day coming up, I thought I’d make a little kite craft. This kite is pretty lightweight, so you could try to fly it… but it is designed to be cute decor rather than a functioning kite to fly on a windy day. There are so many different adorable paper straws on the market, you’re sure to find lots of options to make the perfect kite for you!

Paper Straw Kite - Simple to make, this fun kite decor is perfect for a party or play date!

To make the paper straw kite, you’ll need:
Paper straws
Craft knife
Hot Glue (optional)
Tissue Paper

supplies for paper straw kite

Cut one straw to 5 1/2″.

trim straw

Cut a notch into the middle of both the long and short straws.

cutting notch into the straw

Put the two straws together – you can use a dab of hot glue to secure. Cut a notch into the end of each straw.

cut into sides of straws

String around all four sides, then tie in place with a square knot.

string around edges

Place on top of the tissue paper, cut out with about 1″ margins all around. Cut into the corners.

trim tissue paper

Glue the flaps in.

glue down flap

Tie a length of string to the middle.

tie on string

Your kite is done! Go watch some Charlie Brown or dream of windy days…

finished paper straw kite


  1. Very nice. I wish this kite could fly!

    One technical issue I find with this kite is that to make it look realistic the thread should be attached to it in a ‘V’shape.

    Anyways a very nice craft!

    • Yes, and you absolutely could do that… but I don’t think this kite would ever really be able to fly… it is just for decoration. 😉

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