Clover Shaped Candy Treat

Looking for a fun Shamrock treat for a playdate, a friend, or a class? These Clover shaped candy treats are easy to make, taste delicious, and only require a few supplies!

Lucky Clover Candy

You’ll need:
Vellum Envelope
Green Apple flavored Licorice Rope
Twist Ties

supplies for clover candy

Print your sayings onto your vellum envelopes. This is optional, but I think it adds an extra cuteness factor.

Secure 3 pieces of candy together. Curve the middle one, and have the other two stick up, like so:

secure top pieces

Curve the two side pieces around, and secure at the bottom, putting a fourth candy between the two.

secure bottom

Twist together the top and bottom twist ties to secure it all in the middle.

secure top and bottom

Trim the bottom stem piece, as needed.

trim excess

Tuck into your envelope.finished candy

Have a lucky day… this candy will be lucky if it lasts long enough to share with someone else!

finished clover candy

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