Heart and Rocket Valentine Tee

With Valentine’s Day coming up – all the hearts and flowers – I was looking for something cute for my boys to wear. As a boy mom, I’m always looking for fun ideas that they get excited about. Hearts are fine… but hearts with a rocket? Yes, mom! This, of course, could be a great shirt for a girl, of any age… matchy-matchy mom and son shirts, anyone?

Heart and Rocket Valentine's Tee

Vinyl (or Freezer paper, whatever you have handy)
Red fabric paint (This is Plaid’s new Fabric Ink)
Heart and Rocket Silhouette cut file
Foam Paintbrush
Paper or cardboard

supplies for shirt

Cut the stencil with your Silhouette machine. Tuck a piece of paper or cardboard into the shirt, then apply the vinyl. If you’re using freezer paper instead, iron it in place (shiny side down).

put vinyl on shirt

Use the sponge applicator to apply the fabric ink. It is very thin (which is awesome because it dries fast!), go with lots of thin layers instead of a big gloppy mess, so the ink doesn’t bleed under the stencil. Bleeding hearts is not what we’re going for with this shirt.

apply fabric ink

Apply all the way down.

fill in with fabric ink

Peel back the vinyl stencil, and just wait for it to dry!

peel away vinyl

This one was dry in about 20 minutes. When it is (mostly) dry, you can put a piece of plain paper over the top, and run an iron over it. This will help it dry faster, and also heat-set the ink.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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